2013-02-16 08.48.41


 This has been a difficult year for many of us:


Birth, death.

Heartbreakingly, sometimes both together.

Too much change, too much of the same old thing.

Emotional instability, economic uncertainty, political chaos.

New people, new places, trying to fit in, trying to stand out.


And there have been joys:


Welcomings, peaceful goodbyes.

New projects, growth, breathing room.

Strength found, bonds created, struggles shared.

Honest screw-ups and sincere apologies.

Serendipitous discoveries and synchronistic meetings.

Unexpected gifts and rekindled relationships.


In short, it has been a year of life lived.


And as I sit here, reflecting back…as I take stock of what we’ve accomplished, where we’ve failed, of all that there is left to do…I am overcome with the sense that this is it.  This is life. There is nowhere to go, no place to get to, nothing lacking.

There have been times this year when I’ve thought, “This is it? Seriously?”

But in this moment, now…the realization of the perfection of this moment is only freeing. If this is it, then anything is possible. If this is it, there is no right way to proceed. If this is it, there is no failure…only a change in course. If this is it, maybe intention and love really do make all the difference.




Heather McIver, LAc