Monthly Archives: October 2015

Thank You Amira and Welcome Jesse….

This week we bid farewell to Amira Glaser, L.Ac. Amira was gracious enough to help us keep our Greensboro Monday night community clinic available to patients this summer, but now she is returning to her private practice in Carrboro. We are so appreciative of her ability to join our team so seamlessly, and to share her considerable skills. She is truly a gifted practitioner. We wish her all the best! Amira can be reached at

At the same time, we welcome our newest practitioner, Jesse Andreas, L.Ac. Jesse will take over the Monday night community clinic as well as see private patients by appointment. Jesse graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2014, studying under several of the same teachers as Diane Gross, L.Ac.

From a young age, Jesse had a profound appreciation for eastern philosophy, exploring Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. He studied Chinese martial arts as a child and was fascinated with the concept of Qi and its capacity to improve health and treat disease. While still in his twenties, Jesse cured himself of a number of chronic diseases using acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications. This led to years of study of natural healing methods, both in and out of school, as he realized this was to be a lifelong calling.

Jesse feels there is no greater way to serve other people than to help them restore their health. He specializes in treating pain, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, men’s and women’s health, and is particularly skilled in treating more complex and challenging medical cases. “My belief is that anyone can be well, and no one should feel hopeless.”
We are excited to welcome Jesse to Stillpoint. You can reach him at, or call the Greensboro office at 336-510-2029 to schedule an appointment.