Battlefield Acupuncture: Quick Pain Relief with tiny Needles


Have you ever heard of Battlefield Acupuncture?

No?  You’re not alone.  It’s a relatively new acupuncture protocol (a specified grouping of acupuncture points used together).This protocol, developed by the military for use in battlefield conditions, only uses points in the ear to treat chronic &/or severe pain anywhere in the body.  In our clinic, this protocol is used when someone doesn’t see significant improvement in their pain level from their regular acupuncture treatment.

Another twist is that this treatment uses a rather unusual type of acupuncture needle; the ASP needle.  The ASP needle is a semi-permanent needle that stays in the ear a few days to continue providing pain relief.

Semi-permanent needles might sound intimidating, but they are only 3 millimeters long (see photo) and the visible portion on the ear is only a fraction of that.  More importantly, the results from these tiny needles are outsized!  I’ve been treating patients with acupuncture for almost twenty years and this technique is one of the most profound and effective tools that I’ve learned for the treatment of pain – and I consider myself a pain specialist.

If your practitioner suggests that you could be helped by the addition of semi-permanent needles after your regular treatment, I urge you to give them a try.  I’ve seen truly remarkable results and am thrilled to have this versatile tool at my disposal.

Christi De Larco, L.Ac.

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