Morning Fix Ear Acupuncture Clinic

The Morning Fix Ear Acupuncture Clinic

10/28/19 Update: Unfortunately, we are not able to continue our Morning Fix Ear Clinic at this time. However, stay tuned as we may be adding something similar for after work hours…OR, if you think something like this might be welcomed in your workplace, please call us and we might be able to come to you!

Better than a cup of coffee, our morning acupuncture clinic will get your week off on the right track. Jason Trakas, L.Ac. will be offering ear acupuncture in Greensboro every Monday and Tuesday from 8-9am, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Treatments cost $15 and involve 5-10 needles placed at points in the ear which can calm anxiety, treat pain and improve focus.

This is also a great way to manage addiction to help with smoking cessation, opiod withdrawal and other compulsions. Using Battlefield Acupuncture, the NADA protocol, and other Nogier ear acupuncture points, the practitioner can help calm the sympathetic nervous system, reduce cravings and interrupt pain signals to the brain. This clinic is not designed to address complex health issues or to offer lifestyle advice, but can complement your wellness plan. The Morning Fix would be appropriate for anyone working on such issues as:

  •     insomnia
  •     anxiety
  •     stress / frustration
  •     chronic pain
  •     overcoming addiction

The Morning Fix is available to current patients of Stillpoint Acupuncture. If you haven’t been to our offices before, call to find out how you can get established with us.




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