Yuan Qi Acupuncture: Fewer Needles, Big Results

Traditionally, acupuncture was not practiced in the same manner by all doctors. There existed many styles and family lineages. The different styles did have some overlapping techniques, but there were also a lot of differences amongst them. This posed a problem when attempting to teach acupuncture in schools, as the information needed to be consistent. So within the last century, Chinese medicine became standardized and also somewhat westernized. This led to the creation of what is known as TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine, as it is practiced in China and worldwide today.
Some of these lineage styles still exist today in small numbers, one such style I have been fortunate enough to learn is Yuan Qi acupuncture. Yuan qi is your original qi, or “Source Qi” and yuan qi acupuncture is meant to tap into your original qi in order to let your body heal itself.
Since learning yuan qi acupuncture I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to treat pain and discomfort. The result is powerful and quick, with the patient often experiencing drastic pain relief within the first few weeks of getting treatment, especially when the pain has a specific location. Since illness and aging tend to drain our yuan qi, and, it is important to treat pain and illness as early as possible. Not only will the pain resolve more quickly, but you will also prevent your energy from being consumed over time.

Yuan Qi acupuncture can be practiced in almost any setting, since most of the points used are on the arms and legs. This makes it a great technique to use in our community clinic, making pain relief more affordable for everyone.

 Jesse Andreas, L.Ac.

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