Monthly Archives: April 2020

Update from Quarantine…

Dear Stillpoint Community,

We hope you are all staying home, staying healthy and able to keep as much calm as is possible during this chaotic time. Please know that we miss seeing your faces. We miss the conversations with you and we miss the privilege it is every day to serve you.  We are so heartened by those of you who have reached out to offer support and encouragement. We hope we can do the same for you.

I wanted to provide an update on what we are doing to stay viable and productive during this shut down. First, we are still providing phone consultations for herb formulas, moxa suggestions or even qigong exercises. Those can be scheduled on our website or by emailing In the past week, some people have had trouble accessing our website. We are investigating this now and hope to have it resolved very soon. Simple refill requests can be emailed or left on our voicemail. We have someone in one office or another making herbs 4-5 days a week and those can be left out for pickup or mailed to your home.

If you haven’t used Chinese herb formulas before, they are individualized prescriptions based on your signs and symptoms. We can treat the symptoms of acute illness (colds/flus/viruses) as well as more long-standing concerns like allergies, digestive problems, hormonal issues, fertility, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even acute and chronic pain.

 For the remainder of April, we will waive our normal herbal consultation fee for our current patients. We know that many folks are beginning to feel insecurity around finances and we don’t want this to be the reason you forego getting the care you need. On the other hand, if you feel you can afford the consultation fee, we’ll use whatever donation you make to serve those who can’t afford it.

In terms of our plan to re-open, we have been busy trying to secure some of the CARES Act relief funding so that we will be able to start up easily when the time is right.  Like one of my mentors has said, “right now, the most appropriate medicine is to stay home.”  It is becoming more and more clear that this virus manifests differently in different people and also that the incubation period may be somewhat longer than we previously thought. This is why we chose to close when we did and why we won’t re-open until we are reasonably sure that doing so would provide more good than harm.

I am hoping that we may be able to open with limited hours beginning in late May or early June, and if all goes well, be back to our regular schedule by the end of the summer. However, this is dependent on many factors, most especially our state’s ability to control the spread of this virus. Re-opening businesses too soon will undoubtedly lead to a resurgence of cases.

Some of you have been supporting us by buying gift certificates for future use or by sending along personal notes of encouragement. We are so thankful for these gestures. Please know you are all in our hearts and minds.

We look forward to seeing you again!