Community Clinic

Our Community Clinics are currently closed due to the COVID 19 precautions. However, we are offering simple “Basic Acupuncture” treatments at both locations. Contact us at for more information.
What is the Community Clinic?

The Stillpoint Acupuncture Community Clinic offers a community-centered way to provide acupuncture treatments. Using a model similar to that practiced in China, the clinic setting allows us to Clinic3see more people at once, thereby reducing our cost and yours. You will still receive an individualized treatment based on your symptoms, tongue and pulse. The difference here is that you will be treated in a large room with several other people. Making acupuncture affordable and convenient are the primary aims of this clinic. Our opportunity to do first time visits in the community clinic setting is limited. If you know you would like to attend our community clinic, but this is your first time to Stillpoint, you should first schedule a new patient intake. This intake can be done in person or by telephone/video chat, and takes about 30 minutes. Or, you may choose to schedule a full private acupuncture treatment as a new patient first, and then transition over to community clinic. 

Who is it best for?
• Anyone who has always wanted to try acupuncture but has considered it too expensive.
• Anyone who already receives acupuncture, but would like to come more frequently.
• Anyone who just wants to experience profound relaxation.

What will it be like?
The setting is a large room with several reclining chairs and one massage table. The lights are kept relatively low and there is quiet music playing. After you sign in, you can choose a chair and relax. If it is your first visit, you may be taken to a more private area so that we can discuss your medical history. During the treatment, you will remain clothed, and the practitioner will insert needles primarily on your arms, legs, ear and head, depending on your reason for coming. You will be left to rest with the needles in for 20-40 minutes, although the practitioner will always be available if you need him or her. Once the treatment is over, the needles will be removed and you will be on your way. The whole process should take about an hour. Feel free to bring earphones and music to listen to privately. It’s best if you have loose clothing to wear during the treatment. If you tend to get cold easily, feel free to bring a blanket.

What if my problem isn’t on my arms or feet? What if I have back pain?
The beauty of acupuncture is that there are many ways to treat a problem. While it’s true that we often put needles at the location of the pain, we don’t always need to. Based on the idea that the qi or energy flows along specific channels or meridians in the body, we can use points at one end of the channel to affect change at the other end. In fact, some people find this style of treatment even more effective.

Acupuncture in the ear can be a very effective way to address a variety of issues all over the body. Similar to reflexology, there is a point on the ear for every part of the body! Ear acupuncture is extremely relaxing and is most often used to treat addictions and emotional struggles.

That said, there may be some instances in which the practitioner decides that it is very important to do some points on the back or on the stomach. In that case, we do have a table available with a screen to offer some privacy.

How much will it cost?
Fees are based on a sliding scale from $30-60. If this is your first time to Stillpoint, we charge $75, but then the sliding scale will apply at your next visit. These fees represent about half the cost of a private office visit.

Our sliding fee scale is based on the honor system, so you do not need to bring in any documentation of your income. We trust that you will find this service valuable and these rates reasonable.

What kinds of conditions can be treated in the clinic?
Actually, any condition that we would treat with acupuncture in the private office can also be treated in the clinic setting. Of course, there are some conditions that this kind of setting is particularly appropriate for. These include:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety or emotional problems
  • Stress related problems
  • Headaches
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • General health maintenance or relaxation

Digestive problems, menopausal issues, gynecological issues can all be treated to a certain extent in the clinic. However, these problems are often best treated with a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine. You and your practitioner can discuss ways to integrate herbal therapy into your treatment if you both think that would be helpful.

Do I need an appointment?
The short answer is yes.
We would prefer that you schedule an appointment so that the clinic will run smoothly. However, if you walk in and a space is available, we will not turn you away.

Currently, our community clinics are often fully scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance. However, we do keep a waiting list in the event we have cancellations.  To schedule an appointment or to put yourself on the waiting list, just call 336-510-2029 or email for Greensboro.

For the Siler City clinic, call 919-663-1137 or email