Private Visits

We offer private office visits in both Greensboro and Siler City.  A private office visit means that you will be in your own room for your treatment and you will have more time with your practitioner as compared with a community clinic visit.  You might choose to schedule a private visit if:

  • you are a new patient and would like Treatment Room
  • more time to discuss your case with your practitioner*
  • you want more one-on-one attention from your practitioner
  • you have complex issues requiring herbal therapy
  • you want to be seen several times a week, and community clinic does not offer enough availability

*Sometimes, people who know they would like to take advantage of our community clinic start with a private visit, either because they are a little nervous about acupuncture or because they have a complex history and want to have more time to discuss that. Many people then switch over to the community clinic, or use both community clinic and private visits.