Our Support Staff

Melissa Peet, Practice Manager

Melissa has been a consistent presence at Stillpoint since 2007. Starting as part-time support staff, she grew into the role of Office Manager and then Practice Manager- the position she has held since 2015. While the rewards of her role at Stillpoint are many, Melissa especially enjoys interacting with patients, and values sharing her days with colleagues of the highest ethical standards and uncompromising integrity. The Stillpoint model of work/life balance- that these aren’t separate things, but each aspect supports the other- is a key element of finding joy and satisfaction in her job. Melissa lives in Westerwood with her husband of more than 25 years. At home she enjoys yoga, making jewelry and eating her husband’s fabulous cooking. She is grateful to have both of her adult sons and her daughter-in-law close by to enjoy family gatherings. .      melissa@stillpointacupuncture.com

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